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Horizons to innovate

Technologies are constantly evolving and diversifying not only is selected fields but everywhere. Neve Lab is focused on innovators from businesses engaged in high-value activities or high-growth potentials as energy, sustainable development or education sectors.

We are poised to offer innovators and startups new advantages to reinforce their deployment and benefits by establishing strong relationships with global enterprises and position them in the business world.

The needs of global enterprises are growing fast and innovators are producing more and more perspectives. Our team has picked more than 100 great innovative projects these last weeks that may complement the needs of global enterprises. A platform is under preparation, stay connected.

Setting up the standards

As an organization we are actively engaged in promoting that innovators and startups are very much open for business, and we remain convinced that there are real possibilities niched in deepest communications and exchanges cutting edge industries.

Innovators, digital thinkers, and influencers can work hand in hand with global enterprises to support their expansions and consider establishing key local presences.

A rewarding partner

Whatever the future trends are or new product innovations may be, for any sector, Neve Lab is perfectly positioned for them. Our vision is to become the partner of choice for global enterprises which will deliver unique propositions. We provide companies with the opportunity to test, share, discuss and help innovative products and services rise through a real daily extending community.

We're experienced at engaging with organizations and we care even more with dynamic and rapidly changing industries.

The Neve Lab team is growing up with globally - want to be part of us? Join us.

Join the community

Now is an exciting time for startups as they continue to increase influence and getting mature, particularly with fresh thinking about developing new networking landscapes and creating unparalleled quality of communication tools.

At Neve Lab we help innovators get connected to the right people at the right moment.

Even more to come

The Neve Lab team is currently working hard on setting up a strong collaborative platform that will offer great opportunities to entrepreneurs and startups.

Our aim is to create a place to help innovators of the world be more connected to enterprises.


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